PanGIA Prostate

PanGIA Prostate

For physicians who are considering prostate biopsies, use PanGIA Prostate prior to biopsy to help prostate cancer decision making.

Prostate Cancer Facts

PanGIA Prostate

PanGIA Prostate offers doctors a new diagnostic approach for prostate cancer, the second most frequent malignancy in men worldwide. PanGIA Prostate offers healthcare professionals the ability to quickly, inexpensively, and easily stratify patients from a first morning voided urine specimen.


PanGIA Prostate is a diagnostic platform that utilizes ‘NuTec signatures’ created by the unbiased binding of molecules from patient urine specimens as a means of detecting diseases in people. This platform has been successfully tested in various clinical proof of concept studies involving urine specimens from donors with and without various cancers and infections. 

PanGIA Prostate – Positive Report Example
PanGIA Prostate – Negative Report Example

Reduce unnecessary biopsies, Reduce unwanted side effects, Reduce wasted time, Reduce costs, Improve Patient Care and Safety

Superior Value
Value to Patients

• Improved predictive profile over PSA / other screening tests

• Avoidance or warranted delay of invasive procedures

Value to Physicians

• Additional data points for identifying candidates for biopsies

• Improved outcomes from missing fewer cancers and reduced side effects

Value to Payers

• Avoidance of unnecessary biopsies

• Avoidance of costs for side effects

A new test, using urine

How PanGIA Prostate works:

Your patient provides a first morning void urine specimen

The PanGIA Prostate AI compares your patient’s bio molecular profile with the profile of men who have positive prostate biopsy and men who have negative prostate biopsy

You receive a report with Confidence Score

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    Disclaimer: This test was evaluated, and its performance characteristics determined, by Genetics Institute of America. It has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Such clearance or approval is generally not necessary. Genetics Institute of America is certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1988 (CLIA) as qualified to perform high complexity testing.

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