Why Choose Genetics Institute of America?

Genetics Institute of America (GIA) is a leading cancer diagnostics and pharma-services laboratory serving physicians and their patients with advanced, prognostic, and predictive testing.

It is Genetics Institute of America’s goal to occupy an industry leadership position through innovative strategic initiatives, high value clinical practices, and superior team member performance. Our state of the art facility in Delray Beach, FL provides cutting edge technology that allows us to specialize in genetic and specialty testing.

The staff at Genetics Institute of America is dedicated to heightening the awareness of early intervention and genetic screening to promote the longevity and quality of life outcomes. Our unwavering devotion and research allow us to provide next generation DNA sequencing to deliver customized testing for identified genetic related cancers and other diseases.  

Experienced Personnel

Your patient's health is your most important asset. You should entrust it only to the best professionals.

Timely Analysis & Reports

Due to our research findings and technology, we are able to provide timely reports of genetic and specialty testing.

Quality and Safety

All scientists and personnel at Genetics Institute of America have been trained thoroughly to assist in any situation.

Immediate Service

Our panels are designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

Practice Enrollment

(833) 443-6522 

Speak to one of our representatives today to learn more about enrolling your practice.