Holly Magliochetti

Holly Magliochetti

Ms. Holly Magliochetti

Owner and Founder

Holly Magliochetti is a seasoned health care executive with over 25 years of management experience. Her passion is for developing corporate cultures rooted in servant leadership and building organizations on a mission to save lives and cultivate positive social impact. When our collective mission is for the betterment of mankind by utilizing all available resources and incorporating innovative technological and scientific game-changing breakthroughs we all win. Her experience in evaluating investments combined with 15+ years in the banking and investment banking industries brings a strong analytical and transaction-focused skill set to developing and implementing growth focused corporate strategies.

Prior to founding Genetics Institute of America Laboratory, Ms. Magliochetti founded Grace Health Technology offering an enterprise solution for the Laboratory environment, including pre-accessioning sample management. The GHT platform focuses on the interaction and interchange between the internal and external sales and business development channels with the operations of the laboratory in a HIPAA compliant ecosystem.

Ms. Magliochetti previously served as President of Sympta, a patient allergy Company focused on providing in physician office allergy testing and CEO of IPC Sports Corp. overseeing the company’s rapid expansion and successful development of multiple new product lines, including the NBA and MLB licensed Fan Band. Prior to joining IPC, was the Managing Partner for real estate development and technology at Archer Capital. Currently serving on the National Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council. She attended Newbury College, the University of Massachusetts and currently studies at SFBC. She is a devout Christian, an active outdoor enthusiast, and has competed in the Boston Marathon.