Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies

Genetics Institute of America is a national laboratory dedicated to heightening the awareness of early intervention and genetic screening to promote longevity and quality of life outcomes.

It is Genetics Institute of America’s goal to occupy an industry leadership position through innovative strategic initiatives, high value clinical practices, and superior team member performance. Our state of the art facility in Delray Beach, FL provides cutting edge technology that allows us to specialize in genetic and specialty testing. Learn more about our current clinical studies below:

GH101 - Inflammasome Study

The objective of our study GH101 (Genetic Susceptibility to Chronic Disease) is to take an integrative approach to the fields of pharmacogenomics, cancer genomics, mRNA microarrays and nutrigenomics. These disciplines have evolved from the original human genome project but have essentially remained discreet. The integration of these genetic disciplines into a computational model has the potential to increase diagnostic yield and provide a clearer genetic picture to determine actionable events to improve healthcare.

GH101 – Informed Consent (English)
GH101 – Informed Consent (Spanish)
GH215 - Urine Analysis for Prostate Cancer

GH215 – Urine Analysis for Prostate Cancer will offer doctors a new diagnostic approach for prostate cancer, the second most frequent malignancy (after lung cancer) in men worldwide. Our advanced technology will expand on previous efforts and offer new insights into disease progression; offering healthcare professionals the ability to quickly, inexpensively, and easily diagnose patients if proven successful. 

GH215 – Informed Consent (English)
GH215 – Informed Consent  (Spanish)
GH216 - Urine Analysis for Breast Cancer
GH217 - Urine Analysis for Ovarian Cancer
GH218 - Urine Analysis for Lung Cancer

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