Changing Corporate Culture: Ending Homelessness

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Holly Magliochetti

Genetics Institute of America

Genetics Institute of America (GIA) is a national laboratory dedicated to heightening the awareness of early intervention and genetic screening to promote the longevity and quality of life outcomes.  


Changing Corporate Culture:

Ending Homelessness

August 18, 2021

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Genetics Institute of America believes that it is our responsibility to care for the community we are a part of, and that corporate culture needs to change. Local communities are suffering and, without support from their businesses, will continue to decline and waste away in paralyzing cycles of homelessness, childhood trauma and hunger. Genetics Institute of America refuses to stand by. We are convinced that we can help contribute to the revitalization of our local community, specifically by supporting charities and initiatives that focus on the individuals and families we serve. This series will delve into the philanthropic efforts of Genetics Institute and how we strive to change lives every single day.

One consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the rise of homelessness across the United States.  While many look outward for who will help or fix this situation, Genetics Institute of America looks inward and knows that truly ending homelessness in our community begins with changing the current corporate culture.  

The pandemic has dramatically increased the unemployment rate and filled the job pool with experienced people, making it even more difficult for the homeless to find a job without the necessary training. Genetics Institute of America has partnered with The Lord’s Place, a social impact agency committed to ending the cycle of homelessness, to help provide training and job opportunities for the homeless of South Florida.

Holly Magliochetti, CEO and Founder of Genetics Institute of America, is committed to turning the tide on the social stigma of homelessness by creating a corporate culture that is inclusive, diverse, and encouraging. Everyone needs an employer “that is not going to judge them on where they are right now, but sees their potential,” says Magliochetti. “Everyone knows that they are part of a team, whose mission is to save lives, change lives, and give back.”

Genetics Institute of America is actively seeking employees with diverse experience to join our growing team. For more information about starting a career with Genetics Institute of America, please visit our website at

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