Genetics Institute of America Selects COPAN ITALIA eNAT® Swab for RNA Collection in IRB Approved Inflammasome Study

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Holly Magliochetti

Genetics Institute of America

Genetics Institute of America (GIA) is a national laboratory dedicated to heightening the awareness of early intervention and genetic screening to promote the longevity and quality of life outcomes.  

March 23, 2020
•Study to Look at DNA, mRNA and miRNA

•IRB Approved Clinical Study

•Seeks to identify Inflammation Indicators

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Genetics Institute of America, a CLIA DNA and RNA research and clinical laboratory, announced today that it has selected COPAN ITALIA’s eNAT®DNA & RNA Protector Collection and Preservation System for use in a new clinical study into inflammasome activation.

“We are extremely happy with the quality and quantity of RNA that we were able to collect and extract using the COPAN eNAT® swabs,” said Barbara Sotolongo, PhD, the lead RNA scientist on the project.

“Our experience in working with COPAN in the swab validation process as well as our collaborative relationship with COPAN make for a great combination for this study,” said Holly Magliochetti, CEO of Genetics Institute of America.

Genetics Institute of America will be running DNA, RNA, mRNA and miRNA studies on buccal swab specimens. The study of currently available cancer genomic and pharmacogenomic DNA profiles combined with newly designed proprietary mRNA and miRNA panels will allow leveraging newly developed machine learning and deep learning methods for genetic analysis. The study (GH-101 Genetic Susceptibility to Chronic Disease) is designed to identify differentially expressed genes (DEGs) associated with development of chronic diseases such as Cardiovascular Disease, End Stage Renal Disease, PTSD, as well as Cancer.

With a reputation for innovation, COPAN is the leading manufacturer of collection and transport systems in the world.  COPAN’s collaborative approach to pre-analytics has resulted in Flocked Swabs, ESwab™, UTM™ Universal Transport Medium, and laboratory automation, WASP® and WASPLab™.  COPAN carries a range of microbial sampling products, inoculation loops, and pipettes. 
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