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Most people develop an acute respiratory tract infection (RTI) at least once every year with children bearing the worse of the RTI illness as infants and pre-school children contract 6-10 viral infections annually and school-aged children and adolescents contract 3-5 illnesses annually. Since a variety of pathogens can cause infections to the respiratory tract, our respiratory pathogens panel tests for the presence of multiple disease-causing microbes in a single respiratory sample.
Why is the Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP) beneficial? The Respiratory Pathogens Panel (RPP) helps determine whether patients have a respiratory infection due to certain bacteria or viruses and leads to better care management of a respiratory infection and is primarily performed when the patient is seriously ill, hospitalized, and/or at an increased risk for a severe infection with complications or co-infections.

Our Respiratory Pathogen Panel detects 21 viral and bacterial pathogens from the upper and lower respiratory tract. The array provides clinicians with a comprehensive infection profile for the patient enabling rapid and accurate diagnosis without the need for secondary or confirmatory testing to inform clinical treatment decisions. Identifying the infection correctly first time will reduce the misuse of antibiotics and improve their targeted use. Time to treatment is also reduced and unnecessary hospital stays are avoided.

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